What Methods Are Used For Home Demolition

Most people think of a crane and wrecking ball when they hear the word “demolition”. The days of the dangerous swinging ball are mainly gone. It’s since been replaced with safer, more efficient and effective techniques. Besides, demolition doesn’t always mean tearing down an entire building or home, it may only refer to tearing out a predetermined section such as a kitchen or bathroom prior to remodeling.

Why Does a Building Need to Be Removed?

Some buildings, including houses, may only have a limited lifespan. This is especially true if a building hasn’t received any care or has been abandoned for any length of time. If a structure has been condemned or is in the way of new construction, professional demolition is the safest choice. Experts are properly trained in the safe removal and disposal of materials including those that pose a health hazard such as asbestos or mold.

Total Demolition

This method is pretty self-explanatory. It is simply the full take down of an entire structure. This can be achieved mechanically using specialized equipment and tools. Often excavators that have been specially equipped for demo work are used. Certain structures may require implosion by professionals. When done correctly by highly-trained teams, the structure will collapse into its own footprint without damaging surrounding homes of buildings.

Dismantling or Deconstruction

Deconstructing is a much more labor intensive process because it takes time to carefully remove the components without damaging them. Strategic dismantling of a building or home is used to preserve the materials for reuse, recycling or refurbishing. Some materials that may be saved can include hardwood flooring, beams, tongue and groove wood, brick and anything else that has value.

Selective or Partial Demolition

Situations where an entire demolition is unnecessary requires a team to strategically remove only interior or exterior sections of a home or commercial structure. Each partial demo project is different and requires surveying and strict attention to detail so no one gets injured and the structure isn’t damaged. This method is often used after water or storm damages have occurred or when a home or commercial building requires all non-structural elements to be removed for remodeling.

Building Interior Demolition

Prior to starting a renovation or remodeling project, removal of the existing interior is required. This may include removing walls, cabinetry, drywall, ceilings and even plumbing or electrical. Before attempting a deep dismantling of your living or work space, for your safety, you should contact an expert.

Local Deconstruction & Demo Contractor in Lee County

Southwest Builders is equipped to handle your entire demolition project safely and professionally from start to finish. Our team starts with a comprehensive site assessment to create a plan to carefully dismantle your structure while keeping the area as dust-free as possible, We haul off any debris as well as legally dispose of hazardous materials and recycle whenever possible. Before the job is complete, your site or home will be clean, secure and ready for the next step. Contact Southwest Builders to discuss our proven methods and demolition management services.