To better assist our valued clients, we provide professional demo services for business and home owners in Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties.

Demolition is more than just knocking down an unwanted structure. Complete demolition is the planned, safe removal of the entire structure, whether it is old, condemned or unwanted. Partial or selective demolition is the strategic removal of specific spaces or materials only such as gutting a kitchen or bathroom before beginning a remodeling project.



As a licensed contractor, we offer affordable demo services from small jobs to a complete teardown of your entire home or other structure. Our team is equipped to handle the partial deconstruction or gutting of homes and buildings prior to remodeling. Razing services include the total removal of any home, building, shed, driveway or pool slated for demoing.

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Our expert deconstructing services provide a clean slate for your next construction or remodeling project. Southwest Builders proudly offers the most comprehensive building and house gutting services in the area. Prior to the start of the project, we will pull all the necessary permits, review any existing blueprints and schedule the hauling off of all debris. 

Because the leveling of structures is dangerous work, it is not a DIY project. It requires experienced and skilled technicians to safely complete demo work. In an effort to keep you, the environment and our teams safe while preventing accidents or damage, we’ll identify asbestos, load-bearing walls, structural integrity and utility lines. Our goal is to complete your residential or commercial deconstruction project carefully, efficiently and under budget.


Southwest Builders specializes in total building leveling, selective demolition, interior gutting and exterior stripping services. Our demolition crews work directly with construction contractors, other local building companies as well as home and business owners. 

We currently offer the following types of demolition and removal services.

  • Complete Teardowns
  • Debris or Junk Removal
  • Shed or Outbuilding Reconstruction 
  • Inground Swimming Pool Removal
  • Interior Demo
  • Exterior Demo
  • Septic Tank Removal
  • Driveway Removal
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Roofing Shingles or Roof Tile Removal
  • Concrete Wall & Fencing Teardowns


Southwest Builders has the demolition service knowledge and expertise to complete any commercial, residential or industrial job. From knocking down walls and gutting kitchens to demolishing entire homes and buildings, no job is too big or small. 

We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most precise and safest demolition. Each successful project has been thoroughly planned, properly permitted and carefully executed. Once your demo job is complete, our crews begin the clean up process, removing debris and recycling unwanted materials. Contact us today to get your full or partial demolition project started.